Be future-ready with Zeta’s banking technology

Automate banking processes. Offer new banking services. Acquire new customers. Save costs.

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End-to-end card management  

Automated card issuance  

State-of-the-art digital technology  

Increased CASA and revenue  

Build product portfolio  

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  Improved customer satisfaction

  Robust security tools

  Save costs and time

  Faster processing


Zeta’s Product Suite for Banks
Expand product portfolio
Offer corporates Zeta’s digital tax saving employee solutions such as Optima Fuel, Medical Reimbursements and so on
Multiple benefits on one card
No need to issue separate cards for each employee
benefit - Zeta’s Super Card manages all
benefits on one single card
One common BIN
Manage all types of employee benefits via one
single BIN
Assured compliance
All optima products are fully compliant with Income Tax and RBI norms
Product customisation
Enable corporates to customise their benefits programme
Expand customer base
Offer more products and increase customer
Increase revenue
Increase CASA and interchange with Zeta’s
benefits suite
Save resource time
Outsource back-end work to Zeta specialists,
focus on sales
Super fast card issuance
Automate issuance of cards to customers using the Zeta platform
Higher accuracy
No manual processes/ interventions which leads to greater accuracy
Customer support
Zeta offers timely and excellent customer service to banks to address concerns, if any
No 3rd party dependance
Card issuance is managed on the Zeta platform without dependence on multiple vendors
Enhanced customer experience
No waiting for card activation, faster servicing and increased efficiencies
Save resources and costs by digitising the complete card management process
Security standards
Robust security with Zeta’s revolutionary features - geo tagging, dynamic PIN, Swipe2Pay
Activation/ Deactivation
Enable quick activation/ deactivation of cards with Zeta’s technology
Automated lifecycle
Customers can order cards directly via the Zeta app when required
Effortless KYC
Rest free by outsourcing the KYC process to Zeta specialists
Easy hotlist/ de-hotlist
Customers can hotlist/ de-hotlist cards in case of loss or theft without the bank having to intervene
Real-time updates
Customers can get instant updates, view transaction history and other notifications on the Zeta app
Instant card linking
Reduce time lag for card activations for customers
High Security
All transactions via Zeta are secure and encrypted
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