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One Super Card for all employee tax benefits

Access your meal vouchers, fuel and medical reimbursements, LTA and practically any tax saving benefit via the Super Card



Super benefits of the Super Card

All in one

Access all benefits with
one card

Wide acceptance

Use at any card-accepting

100% compliant

Meets all RBI and IT

Complete control

Lost card? Deactivate

Pay online

Use to make online

Unique security

No stress over security of
payments with Super Card

Easy to use

One swipe to
make payments

Virtual card

Access your virtual Super
Card via Zeta app

Taking payment security to the next level

Built for security from the ground-up, the Super Card is much more fortified than your existing bank card. Check out its class-defining features.

Super PIN

Secure payments with a dynamic PIN that changes with every transaction.


Enjoy online shopping without the risk. Simply swipe on your phone to confirm your purchase.

Location Shield

Ensure your Super Card is being used only in your city with our geo tagging.

Now on, now off

No fear of card loss. Block your card via the Zeta app if you ever lose your card.

All benefits on one Super Card

Access all your benefits through the Mastercard-powered Zeta Super Card