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Introducing the Zeta Super Card

The most secure way to pay

Next-generation technology. Old-school ease of use.

Built for security from the ground-up, the Super Card is much more secure than your existing bank card but just as simple to use. Read on to learn more about the Super Card's advanced features.

A PIN that’s hard to pin down

Uncomfortable sharing your PIN at restaurants and stores? With Zeta, you get a dynamic PIN that changes with every transaction. No more fixed PINs, no more risk.

Online shopping, without the risk

Introducing Swipe2Pay. Enter your Super Card details into any website/app, and simply swipe on your phone to confirm your purchase. That’s it. No risky sharing of passwords or OTPs.

Location awareness, now for your card

Take control of your payments. Enable LocationShield using the Zeta app, and ensure that your Super Card is usable only within your city. Say goodbye to card fraud.

ON when you want, OFF when you want

Lost your card? Not to worry. Instantly turn your card off using the Zeta app.

Safe. Secure. Remarkable.

Use anywhere

Use your Super Card at any outlet in India that accepts card payments.

Online payments

Ordering food from a website or app? Your Super Card works online too.

100% compliant

The Super Card is fully compliant with Income Tax and RBI norms.

Fully transparent

Be in control. With Zeta, you get instant updates on your phone after every transaction.

Works like a debit card

There’s nothing to learn. The Zeta Super Card works like any MasterCard.


Zeta is built with multiple layers of security and encryption to keep your money secure.

No reason to wait. Get your Zeta Super Card today