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Frequently Asked Questions

Meal Vouchers

  • What are Optima Meal Vouchers?

    Optima Meal Vouchers are a unique digital alternative to the paper-based meal vouchers. It is a smart way to avail tax benefits of upto 30% without the inconvenience of carrying around paper vouchers and keeping a track of them. For you as a company, Optima makes it extremely simple to distribute these vouchers to all your employees in just a few clicks. No manual distribution of vouchers and investment in logistics is needed with Optima Meal Vouchers. Also, currently this is the only 100% compliant solution with all IT and RBI norms.

  • How can I signup for my company?

    Signing up with Optima is extremely easy. Go to our website and click on the signup button at the top. Fill in a simple form and you are ready to go.

    Once you partner with us, all you need to do is provide relevant details of your employees in an excel sheet and upload it on the Optima HR dashboard. You'll have to select a date on which you want the vouchers to be transferred to your employees. That's it

    Alternatively, we could also have our sales representatives visit you in person and take you through the process. Simply drop us a line at and we will contact you

  • What if an employee doesn't have a smartphone?

    Optima Meal Vouchers is an inclusive programme and can be used via the Zeta app or the Zeta Super Card. Those employees who do not have smartphones, can use their Optima Meal Vouchers via the Super Card. This card is a physical manifestation of the Zeta app. It stores information on meal vouchers in the employee’s Zeta account. It can be used just like a debit card at any store that accepts card payments.

  • Does it support all operating systems on smartphones?

    Zeta is available on iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

  • How many retail outlets accept Optima Meal Vouchers?

    Currently, over 3,00,000 merchants are listed with us. Optima Meal Vouchers can be used across any merchant outlet selling food and non-alcoholic beverages. Optima Meal Vouchers can be used via the Zeta app as well as the Zeta Super Card. The Super Card acts like a debit card and is usable at any outlet that accepts card.

  • Is Optima Meal Vouchers compliant with RBI guidelines on pre-paid instruments (PPI)?

    Optima Meal Vouchers are completely compliant with all RBI guidelines. These vouchers are issued under the Policy Guidelines on Issuance and Operation of Pre-paid Payment Instruments in India, as updated in December 2014. The Ratnakar Bank Ltd (RBL), a licensed scheduled commercial bank under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), issues Optima Meal Vouchers.

    Please note: As of December 2014, paper meal vouchers are not recognised as valid semi-closed prepaid instruments under RBI guidelines. All meal vouchers acceptable at eating outlets outside office premises are deemed as semi-closed prepaid instruments by the RBI. Therefore, they must be issued only in electronic form.

  • Are Optima Meal Vouchers compliant with the Income Tax Act?

    Optima Meal Vouchers are fully-compliant with Income Tax norms. They offer tax benefits as per the exclusion provided for the ‘paid vouchers’ in rule 3 (7) (iii) of the Income Tax Rules 1962 (IT). Optima Meal Vouchers are non-transferable. Each voucher bears a value of no more than Rs 50. These vouchers are accepted only for food and non-alcoholic beverages at recognised outlets. These features form the necessary conditions for a prepaid voucher to be compliant with IT rules.

    Several financial auditors have evaluated Optima Meal Vouchers, and deemed it as the only digital meal voucher that is fully-compliant with IT rules. Many auditors have also expressed a view that even electronic meal cards may not meet the requirements of paid vouchers in most cases. The specific digital characteristics of Optima Meal Vouchers give them a paper voucher-like behavior but available in digital form, thus giving them complete compliance with IT norms..

  • Can I do a pilot before implementing it for the whole organization?

    Yes. You can sign up for a pilot project with us any time. You just have to send us the excel sheet with details of your employees at Our sales representatives will get in touch with you and enable the pilot.

  • Can an employee use Optima Meal Vouchers even after leaving the organization?

    Once transferred, Optima Meal Vouchers are an employee’s property. He or she is free to use them even after leaving the organization, until expiry of the vouchers. You can, however, remove the employee's details from your Optima account to stop him/her from receiving any more vouchers.

  • Can I see a demo?

    Yes, you can. Please drop us a mail on and our sales team will reach out to you soon.

  • How do I implement it in my office cafeteria?

    Optima Meal Vouchers can be integrate seamlessly with your office cafeteria. The vendors in the cafeteria can do a self sign-up to start accepting payments through Optima Meal Vouchers. If needed, our sales representative can help them set everything up.

  • Can I customise the Optima Meal Vouchers programme to suit my company requirements?

    Yes, you can customise the entire programme to suit any requirement of your company. You can define places at which the meal vouchers can be spent, the time within which the vouchers can be spent, the name the programme and even the design of the interface. Click here to know more.

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Medical Reimbursements

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Communications Card

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Fuel & Travel Card Card

  • What is the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card?

    The Zeta Fuel & Travel Card is a digital solution that makes it easy for HR managers to distribute conveyance allowances or issue allowances covering fuel spends, driver salaries, auto insurance premiums, car leases and maintenance costs.

  • How is the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card different from other fuel cards?

    The biggest difference is that with this card, employees will not be tied to one chain of fuel stations. They can purchase fuel from the fuel station that’s most convenient to them. Additionally, unlike other fuel cards, the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card doesn’t carry any annual fees either.

  • Can employees save on taxes with this card?

    Yes, they can. According to the rules prescribed under the Income Tax Act, employees are entitled to tax-free reimbursements on fuel and maintenance costs and driver salaries (if applicable) on employee-owned vehicles that are meant for official as well as personal use. You can find more information here.

  • How can Zeta be integrated into a company’s existing benefits programme?

    Working with Zeta does not require installing any software and to only requires creating an account online. Everything from distribution of grants to viewing reports can take place through this account. Zeta can also be seamlessly integrated into any third-party payroll software as well.

  • Is bill upload mandatory for Zeta Fuel & Travel Card?

    Bill upload is not mandatory in case of fuel reimbursements as we ensure that grants are spent only at fuel stations. While the transaction history is itself enough to validate the spends, bill upload can still be turned on, if required. It becomes necessary in case you want to issue other allowances such as car maintenance, driver’s salary etc.

  • What do I have to do as an HR manager to distribute grants?

    Once logged in to your Zeta account on the web, you will need to upload the names and contact details of the employees to whom the grants need to be issued, along with the value of the grants. The grants will be distributed automatically on a date specified by the HR manager.

  • How can employees make payments?

    KYC or Know Your Customer is required only when an employee wishes to maintain a balance more than Rs 10,000 in their Zeta Communication Card. While it is not mandatory, it is recommended. Our standard KYC process requires a photo ID, address proof and a photograph each from the employees.

  • What would be the validity of the Zeta Communication Card?

    If you are giving your employees a monthly allowance, then payments can happen through the Zeta Super Card, a MasterCard-powered card. This method can also be followed by employees who don’t have smartphones.

    Employees who are reimbursed for their expenses can follow the pay and collect model where they make payments in cash and then upload the bills for verification via the Zeta app to receive reimbursements in their Zeta Cash Card.

  • What are the transport allowance limits?

    Transport allowance is given to employees to compensate for their travel expenses for official purposes. While there is no limit for the amount of conveyance allowance that can be given by an employer, the tax exempt limit is Rs. 1600 per month.

  • How do I use the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card for Car Hire?

    Car Hire is when an employee rents a car from a third party for official purpose. In this case the company, the employee and the car owner (individual or merchant) enter into a tri-party agreement. Two models for car hire are supported:

    • When the employee incurs expenses related to fuel and maintenance, bills will be uploaded by the employee using the Zeta app for approval by Zeta. Once approved, the reimbursement amount will be credited the employee’s Zeta Cash Card.
    • We also support direct bill uploads by the owner of the hired car (vendor) and direct payments can be made to them in case they bear the expenses.
  • How does Zeta ensure that employees only use the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card for fuel purchases only?

    We validate every transaction involving fuel vouchers by checking categories of the merchant where payment is being made. If the merchant is a fuel station, only then are fuel vouchers used for payment, else other instruments (cash card, gift cards, if eligible) are used.

  • Is the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card compliant with the regulations of the Income Tax Act?

    Zeta Fuel & Travel Card is 100% compliant with the Income Tax Act (17(2)(viii) read with Rule 3(7)(vii) for Fuel Reimbursement, Section 10(14)(ii) for Conveyance Allowance) and the Information Technology Act, 2000.

  • Is employee KYC needed for the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card?

    KYC or Know Your Customer is required only when an employee wishes to maintain a balance more than Rs 10,000 in their Zeta Fuel & Travel Card. While it is not mandatory, it is recommended. Our standard KYC process requires a photo ID, address proof and a photograph each from the employees.

  • How can I add funds meant to be distributed to the Zeta dashboard on the web?

    You can use NEFT/IMPS to transfer funds to an RBL Bank pool account. Once transferred, you must share the transaction ID of the transfer with Zeta, which can be done by raising an “Add Fund Request” through the Zeta dashboard.

  • What would be the validity of the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card?

    The default validity is 3 years from the date of issue by default. However, you can specify a validity period that the vouchers depending on your company’s policies.

  • In what denominations can I load the Zeta Fuel & Travel Card?

    You can load any denomination. There is no restriction on the amount. You can even load odd amounts such as Rs. 1,024.

  • How do I contact Zeta Support?

    Please send us an email at

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