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Here's how it works


Signup with Zeta

Once you sign-up, your employees can opt-in for any benefit offered by Zeta – from medical and fuel reimbursements to meal vouchers.


Grant benefits

Grant benefits to employees who've opted-in by adding funds to your Zeta Corporate Dashboard and scheduling a payout.


Avail benefits

Employees can now easily avail their benefits in multiple ways – either through the Zeta app, the Zeta Super Card or the Zeta NFC tag.

The Zeta benefits in detail

Meal Vouchers

Meal Vouchers

Medical Reimbursements

Medical Reimbursements

Fuel & Travel Card

Fuel & Travel Card

Gadget Card

Gadget Card

Gift Card

Gift Card

Zeta Super Card

All the benefits of the Zeta app, in a beautifully-designed MasterCard that works anywhere.

Use anywhere

Use your Super Card at any outlet that accepts card payments.

Works like a debit card

There's nothing to learn. The Zeta Super Card works like any MasterCard.

Online payments

Ordering food from a website or app? Your Super Card works online too.

100% compliant

The Super Card is fully compliant with Income Tax and RBI norms.


Zeta is built with multiple layers of security and encryption to keep your money secure.

Everything you need

Zeta works seamlessly for everybody in your company – Employees, HR teams & Finance teams.

One-click paperless distribution

Distribute Zeta benefits to your employees in seconds using our web dashboard for employers.

Works for every employee

Zeta can be used in multiple ways – through the Zeta Super Card or through mobile apps for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone.

300,000+ merchants

Zeta Meal Vouchers can be used at over 3 lakh+ merchant outlets across the country.


Customize spending rules, limits and more to match your company's policies.

Easy to try, easy to use

While Zeta is designed to be fully self-service, our teams are available to help in any way.

100% RBI & IT compliant

Compliance matters. Which is why Zeta is fully compliant with Income Tax and RBI norms.

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