Zeta Super Card

All the benefits of the Zeta app in a card

Accepted everywhere
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Zeta Super Card

Packed with fantastic benefits

Use anywhere The Super Card can be used at any outlet that accepts card payments.
Zeta Super Card
Works like a debit card Powered by Mastercard, the Super Card is as easy to use as any other debit card.
Online payments The Super Card can be used to make online purchases too.
Fully customizable Customize the Super Card right down to finer details so that it’s compliant with your company regulations.
Smart verification Zeta verifies merchant outlets based on products sold to make absolutely certain that it's used for food and non-alcoholic beverages only
Secure payments It’s safe, hassle free and protected by a PIN.
100% tax compliant The Super Card is fully income tax and RBI compliant. Help your employees save on taxes.