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How do I use Zeta Meal Vouchers?

Using Zeta Meal Vouchers is a breeze. Watch this video to get started with Zeta Meal Vouchers.

Where can I use Zeta Meal Vouchers?

You can use Zeta Meal Vouchers at over 3 lakh outlets. We'll periodically send you notifications about new merchants that are added in your city. With the Zeta Super Card, you can use your meal vouchers at almost any food outlet that accepts card payments.

How will my Zeta account be credited with meal vouchers?

Your HR will credit you with the amount through Zeta’s platform.

How do I make sure that I get my Zeta Meal Vouchers regularly and on time?

Remember to verify your email address within the Zeta app. It’s a simple 2 step verification via an OTP, without which you may not receive your meal vouchers.

What is the minimum amount that can be paid with Zeta Meal Vouchers?

There’s practically no minimum amount. You can spend amounts as low as Re.1.

Will Zeta give me tax benefits like other meal vouchers?

Yes. You can save up to Rs.12,000 in taxes with Zeta Meal Vouchers.

How does Zeta Meal Vouchers help me save tax?

Zeta Meal Vouchers are tax saving instruments. It’s a part of your salary reimbursements that is non-taxable by law. Zeta Meal Vouchers are fully compliant with the Income-tax Act of India.

What is the validity period of Zeta Meal Vouchers?

Every Zeta Meal Voucher is valid for up to 3 years.

How do I check my Zeta Meal Voucher balance?

Open the Zeta app on your phone. Tap on the 'Cards' tab, at the bottom of the screen. Your balance will be visible on the meal voucher card.

How do I view my payment receipts made through the app?

Tap on the 'Inbox' tab on the bottom right of the screen. Here you can view receipts of all the transactions you've made via the app.

Is my Zeta transaction secure?

Zeta provides you bank-grade security for your transactions.

What if I lose my phone?

Because Zeta is secured with a secret PIN that only you know, your vouchers will always be safe. All you need to do is download the app on your new phone, and continue where you left off. Your balance will be intact.

If I encounter problems while using Zeta, who should I get in touch with?

You can write to our Support team at support@zeta.in or you use the chat option on the Zeta app.

Does it support all OS?

Yes. Zeta is available for Android, iOS and Windows devices.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can use your Zeta Meal Vouchers via the Zeta Super Card. The Super Card is a physical manifestation of the Zeta app and works just like a debit card.

Can I share Zeta Meal Vouchers?

No. To be legally compliant, all meal vouchers are non-transferable.

Can I use Zeta Meal Vouchers to buy items other than food and non-alcoholic beverages?

No. Meal vouchers are meant for the purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages only.

Can I opt out of Zeta?

Yes. If for some reason you prefer not to continue using Zeta Meal Vouchers, you can opt out by getting in touch with you HR.

If I opt out of Zeta, what happens to my unused Zeta Meal Vouchers?

If you opt out, HR will be able to transfer the unused amount to your bank account.

Can I upload a cash memo receipt instead of printed bills for making claims?

Yes. You can upload a handwritten cash memo receipt to file for claims.

How do I get my organization to sign up? What are the formalities?

We offer an easy self sign-up for employers. Just drop us an email at corpsales@zeta.in or give us a ring, and we'll take it over from there.

Can I use Zeta Meal Vouchers even after I leave my company?

Yes. Your vouchers are your property. You’re free to use your balance of vouchers even after you leave your company.

Is information like my phone number and bank account details secure with Zeta?

We take confidentiality very seriously. Zeta uses patented cryptographic algorithms to ensure that all the information that exists in the system is safe and secure. Zeta never shares employee details with merchants or anybody for that matter.

What is Zeta ?

Zeta is a unique digital alternative to the paper-based meal vouchers. It is a smart way to avail tax benefits of upto 30% without the inconvenience of carrying around paper vouchers and keeping a track of them. For you as a company, Zeta makes it extremely simple to distribute these vouchers to all your employees in just a few clicks. No manual distribution of vouchers and investment in logistics is needed with Zeta Meal Vouchers. Also, currently this is the only 100% compliant solution with all IT and RBI norms.

How can I signup for my company?

Signing up with Zeta is extremely easy. Go to our website www.zeta.in and click on the signup button at the top. Fill in a simple form and you are ready to go.

Once you partner with us, all you need to do is provide relevant details of your employees in an excel sheet and upload it on the Zeta HR dashboard. You'll have to select a date on which you want the vouchers to be transferred to your employees. That's it.

Alternatively, we could also have our sales representatives visit you in person and take you through the process. Simply drop us a line at corpsales@zeta.in and we will contact you.

What if an employee doesn't have a smartphone?

Zeta Meal Vouchers is an inclusive programme and can be used via the Zeta app or the Zeta Super Card. Those employees who do not have smartphones, can use their Zeta Meal Vouchers via the Super Card. This card is a physical manifestation of the Zeta app. It stores information on meal vouchers in the employee’s Zeta account. It can be used just like a debit card at any store that accepts card payments.

Does it support all operating systems on smartphones?

Zeta is available on iPhone, Android and Windows devices.

How many retail outlets accept Zeta?

Currently, over 300,000 merchants are listed with us. Zeta can be used across any merchant outlet selling food and non-alcoholic beverages. Zeta Meal Vouchers can be used via the Zeta app as well as the Zeta Super Card. The Super Card acts like a debit card and is usable at any outlet that accepts card.

Is Zeta compliant with RBI guidelines on pre-paid instruments (PPI)?

Zeta Meal Vouchers are completely compliant with all RBI guidelines. These vouchers are issued under the Policy Guidelines on Issuance and Operation of Pre-paid Payment Instruments in India, as updated in December 2014. The Ratnakar Bank Ltd (RBL), a licensed scheduled commercial bank under the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), issues Zeta Meal Vouchers.

Please note: As of December 2014, paper meal vouchers are not recognised as valid semi-closed prepaid instruments under RBI guidelines. All meal vouchers acceptable at eating outlets outside office premises are deemed as semi-closed prepaid instruments by the RBI. Therefore, they must be issued only in electronic form.

Are Zeta Meal Vouchers compliant with the Income Tax Act?

Zeta Meal Vouchers are fully-compliant with Income Tax norms. They offer tax benefits as per the exclusion provided for the ‘paid vouchers’ in rule 3 (7) (iii) of the Income Tax Rules 1962 (IT). Zeta Meal Vouchers are non-transferable. Each voucher bears a value of no more than Rs 50. These vouchers are accepted only for food and non-alcoholic beverages at recognised outlets. These features form the necessary conditions for a prepaid voucher to be compliant with IT rules.

Several financial auditors have evaluated Zeta Meal Vouchers, and deemed it as the only digital meal voucher that is fully-compliant with IT rules. Many auditors have also expressed a view that even electronic meal cards may not meet the requirements of paid vouchers in most cases. The specific digital characteristics of Zeta Meal Vouchers give them a paper voucher-like behavior but available in digital form, thus giving them complete compliance with IT norms."

Can I do a pilot before implementing it for the whole organization?

Yes. You can sign up for a pilot project with us any time. You just have to send us the excel sheet with details of your employees at corpsales@zeta.in. Our sales representatives will get in touch with you and enable the pilot.

Can an employee use Zeta Meal Vouchers even after leaving the organization?

Once transferred, Zeta Meal Vouchers are an employee’s property. He or she is free to use them even after leaving the organization, until expiry of the vouchers. You can, however, remove the employee's details from your Zeta account to stop him/her from receiving any more vouchers.

Can I see a demo?

Yes, you can. Please drop us a mail on corpsales@zeta.in and our sales team will reach out to you soon.

How do I implement it in my office cafeteria?

Zeta can integrate seamlessly with your office cafeteria. The vendors in the cafeteria can do a self sign-up to start accepting payments through Zeta Meal Vouchers. If needed, our sales representative can help them set everything up.

Can I customise the Zeta Meal Vouchers programme to suit my company requirements?

Yes, you can customise the entire programme to suit any requirement of your company. You can define places at which the meal vouchers can be spent, the time within which the vouchers can be spent, the name the programme and even the design of the interface. Click here to know more.

What are Zeta Meal Vouchers?

Zeta Meal Vouchers are a smartphone app-based digital alternative to paper meal vouchers. It offers tax benefits of up to 30% on every food bill to users. For a merchant, Zeta transactions are extremely easy to carry out. It also guarantees same-day settlement of funds, unlike paper vouchers.

How is Zeta different from other paper-based vouchers?

Zeta guarentees quicker settlement of your proceeds than any other product. You get your money back soon. It also saves you time and resources spent on storing and saving paper vouchers.

How can I accept Zeta Meal Vouchers?

You can accept Zeta Meal Vouchers in 2 easy ways - using your Zeta app and via Collect Card. Download the Zeta app on your mobile and start accepting payments instantly. If you have an existing POS setup, Zeta can be seamlessly integrated into your setup with our Collect Card option. The Collect Card is given to you by the Zeta Team and is kept at your store. While accepting Zeta Meal Vouchers using Collect Card, just swipe the card on your POS machines and enter the unique transaction code, shared by your customer, instead of credit card pin to enable the payment.

Why should I accept Zeta Meal Vouchers?

Physical vouchers are cumbersome to count, store and save. They also come in fixed denominations. Storing these vouchers can be inconvenient, and you incur huge costs on courier, bank charges, MDR etc. Also, you receive your actual payment after a 20-30 day period. There is also a possibility of additional losses should you lose the vouchers.

Zeta Meal Vouchers are digital and hence involve no hassle of storing, couriering and waiting for your money. Zeta offers same-day settlements to merchants. Everything is instant and flawless.

How soon can I get my proceeds?

Your proceeds get credited to your bank account instantly. Zeta guarantees quicker settlement of funds than any other service.

Do I have to open a separate bank account to use Zeta?

No, Zeta can work with your existing bank account.

What type of mobile phone should I have to accept Zeta Meal Vouchers?

A basic Android smartphone is all you need.

Do I need to give new mobile phones to all my cashiers?

No, cashiers can use their own smartphones to accept Zeta Meal Vouchers. All they need to do is download the Zeta app on their phones.

Can a transaction be interrupted by incoming calls, SMS or WhatsApp notifications?

No. We've made sure that other incoming and outgoing communication on your phone will not disrupt Zeta transactions.

Do I need to be online to accept Zeta Meal Vouchers?

There are two ways of accepting a payment; Collect Card and Directly via the Zeta App.

If you're using the collect card that we've given you, there is no need to have an internet connection on your phone.

However if you are receiving payments from the Zeta App, you will need to be online.Zeta consumes a very small amount of data during any transaction. So although we prefer that you have a good 3G data connection, this will work well on the slower Edge connection as well.

How do I know whether a transaction is complete?

Once the transaction is done, you will get a notification saying you've received the payment. You can also check the transaction list present in the app at any point.

Can I access my transaction history?

Zeta maintains a permanent record of every transaction on your app. There is no need to store paper receipts at all.There is a 'Merchant Control Panel' tab at the bottom of your app, which you can use to check all your transactions.

What if I change the location of my business?

You can write to us requesting a change of address along with your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents. Alternatively, you could also call our merchant support helpline, and our sales representatives will get in touch with you to collect the KYC documents.

If I encounter any problems with payments, whom should I get in touch with?

In case of any problems just drop us an email at support@zeta.in. You could also get in touch with us via the following numbers and our support team will be happy to help you:

* +912230797818
* +912230797816

How can I sign up with Zeta?

You can get you in touch with our sales representatives who can guide you on signing up with us. You can also download the Zeta app and sign up yourself. It's easy!

Does Zeta work on all operating systems and smartphones?

For merchants, the Zeta merchant app is only available on Android (http://zeta.in/android) devices.

Do I have to pay any charges or commissions to become a Zeta partner?

Zeta charges a nominal amount to merchants. In fact, it is much lower than what Zeta’s competitors charge.

Do I need wifi for transactions?

Not necessarily. You do not need internet for transactions. However, you just need to be connected to the internet for claiming the amount.

What is the lowest value that can be sent or received using Zeta Meal Vouchers?

The lowest denomination that can be sent or received using Zeta Meal Vouchers is Re 1. This also eliminates the chances of any rigid denomination settlement.

Can I accept Zeta Meal Vouchers across multiple counters at my store?

Yes, Zeta can be accepted at any counter in your store.

Will Zeta train cashiers in my store on how to use the app?

Once you come on board, our sales team will help you set everything up. They will help you install the app and configure the bank accounts. They will also train your cashiers on how to use the app to receive payments.

What items can customers purchase using Zeta Meal Vouchers?

Customers can purchase food items and non-alcoholic beverages only, using Zeta Meal Vouchers.

What's the difference between a Zeta pin and a transaction code?

Zeta pin is a 4-digit number that is only known to you and allows you to access your Zeta account. Transaction code is also a 4-digit code that is generated on your customer's app and is shared with you to enable payment via Collect Card or Collect Call.

What do I have to do as a Zeta Reseller?

As a Zeta Reseller, you will use Zeta to administer benefits programmes for employees of your existing as well as new clients.

Why should I sign up as a Zeta Reseller?

As a Zeta Reseller, you will be able to:

  • Earn an attractive commission on each transaction done by the employees of your clients.
  • Let Zeta take care of compliance with respect to employee benefits, so that you can focus on your core business.
  • Leverage Zeta’s range of corporate benefits, and make it easy for your clients to disburse these benefits to their employees.
  • Enable employees of your clients to maximise their tax savings.

How do I sign up as a Zeta Reseller?

You can get in touch with our sales representatives who can guide you on signing up with us. You can also sign up on the Zeta Reseller Panel. It’s easy!

What are the benefit programmes that come under the Zeta suite?

The Zeta Corporate Benefit suite includes meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, employee & partner gifting and fuel & travel reimbursements. We also have a range of new and upcoming benefit programmes. Your clients can decide whether they want to avail all or only certain benefit programs.

How can I sign my clients up?

Once you partner with us, you will have access to a Reseller Panel where you can onboard your clients. Once your request is approved by Zeta and verified by your client, your client can start placing orders.

How do I get to know how much commission I will be earning from my clients?

Once you log in to the Reseller Panel, you will be able to see a list of all the clients that you have brought on board, and the total amount of orders that they have placed in real-time. You will also be able to see your revenue for each product.

What if my client faces issues using Zeta?

Your clients or their employees can directly contact us at Zeta Support via phone, chat or email.

Can I create orders and add funds on behalf of my clients?

Yes. Eventually you will be able to create orders on behalf of your clients, track the status of the orders created by you, download employee statements for the purpose of payroll processing, and add funds to your clients’ corporate accounts.

Can I customize the Zeta Benefits programs to suit my client’s requirements?

Yes. The entire program is customisable to suit any of your client’s requirements.

How soon will Zeta settle my accounts?

Your accounts will be settled by end of each month.

Do I have to pay any charges to become a Zeta Reseller?

Zeta does not charge resellers.

Can you integrate with our payroll software?

Yes. API integration with payroll software is possible. You can get in touch with our sales representative who can guide you through the process.

Where can I use my Zeta Gift Card?

Zeta Gift Cards can be used at a wide variety of outlets, provided the stores fit the criteria set by your company.

How do I pay with my Zeta Gift Card?

Your Zeta Gift Card will be synced with your Zeta Super Card. You can make all your online and in-store purchases using your card.

How long will my card be valid?

Legal validity of the Zeta Gift Card is up to three years from the date of issuance. Since your card will be issued by your company, the final verdict of setting up the validity lies with your HR manager.

Can I withdraw cash from my Zeta Gift Card?

No, you cannot withdraw cash from your Zeta Gift Card. Also, you cannot transfer money from your Gift Card to any other card on your Zeta app.

Do I need to use the entire money at one go or can I do multiple purchases?

You can use your Zeta Gift Card the way you want - either opt for multiple purchases or use it at one go.

Can the value of the Zeta Gift Card be topped up?

No, the values are preset and cannot be topped up. The value on the card is set by your HR manager.

How do I prevent unauthorized payments if I lose my phone or the Zeta Super Card?

Your Zeta account has a security pin that is only known to you. Hence, no one else will be able to access your Zeta account from your misplaced phone. Incase you lose your Zeta Super Card, please contact Zeta Customer Care at support@zeta.in or chat directly with our support team through your app.

What if my Zeta Gift Card is not accepted while paying for an item?

Incase your Zeta Gift Card is not accepted at a store, you need to get in touch with your HR manager. The reason for this could be certain conditions set by your HR manager. If the problem still persists, please get in touch with Zeta Customer Care or chat directly with our support team through the app.

What if I want to return something I bought using my Zeta Gift Card?

Return requests are the prerogative of the seller. Such requests will only count when you meet the seller’s return policy. Please check the refund, return and replacement policies before buying anything with your Zeta Gift Card.

What if my purchase is greater than the amount in the Zeta Gift Card?

In case your purchase amount is greater, the exceeding value will be drawn from your Cash Card. Please ensure your Cash Card has sufficient balance or else the transaction will decline.

Will my Zeta Super Card work for all the corporate benefits?

Yes, you can use the same Super Card for all Zeta corporate benefits.

Can a company issue a Gift Card of value more than Rs 5000?

It is the prerogative of the company to set any value on to the Gift Card. However, amount exceeding Rs 5,000 will be taxable.

How can I activate Zeta Gift Card service?

To avail Zeta Gift Card services, please contact Zeta Customer Care at support@zeta.in.

Are there any charges involved?

No, there are no charges involved in activating Zeta Gift Card.

Can I customise Zeta Gift Card according to my company policies?

Yes, you can customise parameters like amount, validity, design and stores at which the card can be used.

Is there a limit to how much money a corporate can send via the Zeta Gift Card?

You can set the value on your Zeta Gift Card as per company policies. However, any value exceeding Rs 5000 will be taxed.

Can we get a refund if it is charged to a wrong user?

In case it is charged to a wrong user, please drop a mail to Zeta Customer Care at support@zeta.in.

What do I do if I face any issues?

Please drop a mail to Zeta Customer Care at support@zeta.in or chat directly with our support team.

How can I submit a medical bill for reimbursement?

You will have to click a picture of your bill and upload it on your Zeta app for verification. The process is quick and extremely simple.

Do I need to retain the physical bills after I upload it on the Zeta app?

If your company needs you to retain physical bills as part of corporate policy, you’ll need to keep them. Else, there is no need to retain the physical copy.

Is uploading a medical bill mandatory for making claims?

Yes, uploading your medical bill is compulsory or else your claim will not be processed. This applies even if you have paid via the Zeta app or the Zeta Super Card.

How will my reimbursements be calculated if I join this programme in the middle of a financial year?

You can choose to opt for Zeta Medical Reimbursements any time in a year, provided you company policies allow it. Your reimbursements for the period will be calculated as per guidelines set by your HR manager.

Can I use Zeta Medical Reimbursements for hospital bills?

Yes you can get your hospital bills reimbursed with our services. However, sometime the eligibility can depend upon your company policy.

Are dental check-ups or eye check-ups covered under Zeta Medical Reimbursements?

If your company policy allows reimbursements for dental and eye check-ups, you can use Zeta to reimburse these amounts.

Do I need to upload prescriptions along with my bill?

While most companies do not require prescriptions for medical bills, some corporate policies may need employees to provide prescriptions for bill values beyond a limit. Therefore, no prescriptions are needed until your company policies recommend it.

Can I use last year’s bill to make claims this year?

Only your bills belonging to a particular financial year only will be considered for reimbursement in that year.

Will I be notified when my bills are approved?

Yes, you will be notified when your bills are verified and approved. You can also keep checking the status of every bill you’ve uploaded on the app.

Will my Zeta Super Card work for all the corporate benefits?

Yes, your Zeta Super Card can be used to access all the corporate benefits available.

How can Zeta Medical Reimbursements Card be activated as a service?

This feature can be enabled for a corporate by the Zeta engineering team. A corporate can get in touch with the account manager to get this feature enabled.

How will Zeta help me verify medical bills?

Zeta has its own band of trained in-house pharmacists who will run verifications on all medical bills on your behalf.

How do I set an order for reimbursement payout every month?

Upload details of every employee onto our desktop interface, transfer funds to your Zeta account and set a date for transfers. We will send your employees the reimbursements on the selected date.

What employee information do I need to share with Zeta for the reimbursements?

You will need to tell us the name, phone number or email id, total allowance per year and allowance for the month for each employee for us to make transfers.

Is there an option to mention who the bill is for, while submitting it?

Yes, the Zeta app gives every user an option of mentioning whether the expenditure was for himself or a dependant.

Will I be able to access detailed reports on medical reimbursements for employees?

Yes, you will be able to access and download reports on a per employee basis via your desktop interface. Also, consolidated reports, for all employees, are accessible.

Are handwritten bills accepted?

Accepting or rejecting handwritten bills completely depends on your company policy. We’ll approve as per the policies define by you.

How long will the records of bills be maintained by Zeta?

Zeta will maintain medical records of all bills for a period of seven years.

How do I activate my Zeta Super Card?

The Zeta Super Card is really easy to activate. Watch this video to get started.

How do I use my Zeta Super Card?

The Zeta Super Card works just like any debit card does. Watch this video to understand more.

How do I change my Super Card PIN?

  • Go to https://supercard.zetaapps.in.
  • Enter your mobile number and receive OTP
  • Enter OTP to login (This is the Super Card web console)
  • Click on the Reset PIN button on the Super Card Image on the top left of the screen
  • Enter your card number and CVV
  • Type in your new PIN
  • Click the Reset PIN button and you’re done!

How do I check my balances?

You can check your cash and meal voucher balance in either of the two ways, or both.

  • Follow steps to log on to the Super Card web console.
  • You can view your cash and meal voucher balance on the dashboard.
  • You can also check your balances on the Zeta app by tapping on the Cards tab at the bottom of the screen.

What can I use my Super Card for?

This depends on what Zeta products you have signed up for. The Zeta Super Card ties multiple Zeta products together:

  • Swipe to use Zeta Meal Vouchers at any store that sells food and alcoholic beverages and accepts card payments.
  • Pay your medical bills for medical reimbursements.
  • Swipe to spend money in your Cash Card at all stores that accepts card payments.

Where are my meal vouchers usable?

You can use Zeta Meal Vouchers at stores and restaurants that sell food and non-alcoholic beverages. Spend Zeta Meal Vouchers at over 3 lakh outlets in the country. Here’s a link to our Merchant Directory.

How can I buy from online stores?

The Zeta Super Card and the Cash Card work just like a debit card while buying online. Use the 16 digit card number, CVV and your PIN to make online purchases.

How can I use my Super Card to pay my medical bills?

If you’re a Zeta Medical Reimbursements user, you can use your Super Card to pay for medical bills at chemists, medical centres and hospitals.

There is also a virtual Super Card in the Zeta app. What’s that all about?

The virtual Super Card in the Zeta app and the physical Zeta app are essentially the same thing. They both have the same uses - just different forms.

What do I do if my card is declined?

If your payment doesn’t go through, just write to us at support@zeta.in about it with details of the outlet, and we’ll make sure that you’re it’s sorted out by your next purchase there.

Have more questions?

We’re all ears. Just drop an email to: